Tir Dewi Launches in Powys

Tir Dewi launched its service in Powys at this year’s Virtual Royal Welsh Show. The farm support charity which has supported over 200 farmers and their families in Dyfed now has a team of volunteers in Powys ready to serve their local farmers. Everything that we do is entirely confidential and without cost.

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IMPORTANT Latest advice regarding Covid 19

Following the latest advice from Government we are compelled to offer the following guidelines which we strongly recommend everyone follows:

In order to minimise the likely spread of the Covid 19 virus, we are all to minimise social and work contact as much as possible. With regard to Tir Dewi, this means the following:

We all want to continue providing support to our farmers, particularly those who are struggling to cope right now. However, we can’t avoid the advice from Government which suggests we need to provide this as much as we can remotely, by telephone and other media. This may seem extreme, but we want to ensure that you are all kept safe and well, and that none of us introduce the virus to our clients, particularly those who are vulnerable.

Our Helpline number is 0800 121 4722

Please contact us if you’re worried or are struggling to cope.

We are here to listen and offer complete confidentiality.

Our volunteers understand many of the issues faced by farmers in our community. Explaining your problems is the first step towards finding a solution.

We can help untangle and prioritise your problems.

We can often look at your issues from a different direction as we are not directly involved. Speaking to us can help to find the way forward.

We can put you in touch with partner organisations who can offer specific help and will support you through this.

We are known to a wide range of farming focussed organisations who can offer practical help and support. We can make introductions and, if it helps, meet them with you to ensure you get the right support.

We can help you find your own solution.

You know your business better than anyone else – we can support you in making the right decisions. Together we might stand a better chance of finding your solution than carrying on alone.

We believe that there is an answer to every problem and Tir Dewi is here to help you find it. Our support is FREE and provided by volunteers who understand the challenges of farming.

Call us free on 0800 121 47 22 or email at mail@tirdewi.co.uk

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